Wednesday, February 27


Hullo random friends!
When I log into Blogspot with my sis' laptop, all the text shows up as little boxes!
It's very disconcerting so I am going to try to be all tech-savvy and I'm going to use a wordpress account now...

Sunday, December 30

Post- :D

Oh my god!

I can't believe I spent so much on a pair of shoes!




I'm in love!

Ain't she a looker!

Wednesday, December 26

Christmas two years ago:

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Clarke Quay
People queued for Hed Kandi, ("Candy" with no "C".)

2 homies and I, we arrived far too late,
We would probably queue until we were dead.

So off we trudged on, in search of some beat
To sate our tapping stiletto-shorn feet.
Lazy to go far, we stopped at Attica,
Where few SPGs ended their words with "la".
Jolly Christmas cheers from drunken expats,
Drunken old ladies air-humping young brats.
The music upstairs was really kind of good,
But we left saying "bye" to this slimy dude,
Eager for ice cream, fresh air and french fries,
Talk of school, and life, bad jokes and dumb guys.
But I heard him exclaim, ere he slumped out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

Christmas last year:

There was an uploaded video of a Christmas Robot Chicken video, but that's been taken down now. :(

Christmas this year involved:

Travelling up North. Uh huh.

Festive hats.

An elf.

A sullen reindeer.


And true love!

Friday, December 21

Strangers are fun...

Monday, December 17


What is this, youth?

Saturday, December 15

Birthday weekend...

Dogmatix! Sokewtsokewtsokewt.

He looks like he's from New Kids On The Block..

Armin's on fire!

Botak Yeo.

Paul you're so unglam.

Nikki you also.

Birthday card... I guess?

Steph on a taxi


Auntie Joyce

Auntie Jeanne

Only hardcore uncles wear loafers to the beach...

Auntie Elaine

So dang cute!

I feel like dressing up as an elf... it's rather inexplicable really...
Mayhaps tonight i shall!
Okay going out leow byebye

Friday, December 14

There's nothing quite as enjoyable as a zombie/vampire movie.
When else is the world so black and white, or so red and not?
What 30 Days of Night lacked for in terms of witty dialogue, sympathetic characters and cool vampires, they could've made up with pure gore.
But no!
Where was the gore?
I need to watch something genuinely gory soon!
Wah leow damn sleepy la.
I'm going to nua this weekend until my brains drip out of my sluggishly inactive body.
Now that's gore for you!